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Life is Better with Betty:


"Betty was very helpful to me. She came out and gave me good, practical tips on how I could start organizing the main "information centers" of my house - the kitchen and my office. What a help she was! After she left I spent time implementing her suggestions and was able to get my work places in order. I will continue to use her services so that I can stay on track with organizing my endless loads of papers.


After taking Betty's one day class at a local school I understand how much time and money are wasted when things are unorganized. We have very busy lives here, as most people do these days, and I want to work toward having our lives run more smoothly and efficiently. With Betty's suggestions and hands-on help

I know I can."


Joann Samuels, Plymouth





"On Betty's first visit she quickly noticed how we could change locations of our kitchen storage to make the most use of the space with the least amount of effort to return items to their storage locations after cleaning or cooking. This was an immediate boost for me and motivated me to continue working with Betty via phone and email as a coach as I worked room-by-room through the house according to a schedule we planned together. She understood our financial limitations and suggested inexpensive solutions. I needed a non-judgmental coach to urge me and keep me on task. Betty is still there for me as my children grow, leave the house and I dream up new uses for our spaces."


Shannon O'Dell, South Lyon



A Testimonial in Honor of Betty Huotari


Main Entry: pack rat

Function: noun

1 : WOOD RAT; especially : a bushy-tailed rodent (Neotoma cinerea) of western North America that has well-developed cheek pouches and that hoards food and miscellaneous objects

2 : a person who collects or hoards especially unneeded items


OK, so I’m not the bushy-tailed rodent described in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary; but I freely admit to being No. 2. I suffered for decades from TMS (Too Much Stuff). I seldom threw anything out. If a briefcase became full, instead of weeding or filing, I bought ANOTHER BRIEFCASE. When the file became full, you guessed it, I bought ANOTHER FILE. Most things still didn’t get filed. My home (including basement) became so littered with paper and other clutter that it was suffocating, depressing, and negatively impacting my quality of life.


In recent years I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Although psychological counseling and finally finding the right combination of medications had improved my mood, attitude and health considerably, I knew that if I was to get rid of the clutter in my home, I COULD NOT DO IT ALONE. Thus began a search on the Internet. Curious, I tried the search phrase “pack rat,” which led to professional organizers in Michigan. After telephone interviews of 3 local people, the good vibes I sensed with, besides her experience in Project Management and working with adults with ADD, led to me hiring her.


When we met in person, I was impressed with her non-judgmental manner. She took notes as we discussed rooms where clutter and disorganization were causing me the most stress, and we agreed to start with the living room, with her working “hands on” with me to throw things out, sort for donations to charities, and organize what remained. The sofa and chairs were emptied and could be sat in again--what a concept!


As the months went by, we focused on one room, one area of a room, at a time. We started out in 2-3 hour sessions twice a month. Before each session ended, we would sit down and talk about what I wanted to work on next time and priorities for the months ahead. Betty began e-mailing me reminders and Excel spreadsheets of Targeted Projects with a monthly time-line. These were very helpful in keeping me focused on one thing at a time.


Here is a partial list of what I have accomplished with Betty’s help and support:


  • Hired contractors who refinished my hardwood floors, re-insulated my house remodeled my kitchen
      (these projects within the last 2 years)
  •  Initiated projects to get yard landscaped, get new driveway and get interior redecorated
  •  Hired a housekeeper
  • Weeded and rearranged shelves in basement (work in progress)
  • Decluttered rooms
  • Cleaned out closets
  • Cleaned out and reorganized files (work in progress)
  • Cleaned out garage (work in progress)


Finally, it has been a privilege to work with Betty. Seeing projects completed has given me a great sense of satisfaction.
As we declutter my house (especially when I GET RID OF THINGS), weight is lifted from my shoulders; and I breathe easier. Having her as a partner has made a big difference in my life.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!





“Betty Huotari, Logical Placement’s guru of organization brought insight and tools that were immediately useful to our group of harried professional women. She is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!”


Mary Rogers

Marigold Productions, LLC

Traverse City




“Logical Placement LLC sm created a system that allowed me to be better prepared for walking into my next appointment.”


Theresa, Fenton





“Walking into a clean and clutter-free office after my sessions with Betty, was the ultimate triumph for someone who has spent years with a cluttered desk. It made coming to work more exciting.”


Jackie, Flint





"I always struggled with Time Management. With Betty’s help, I was able to focus and accomplish more in less time.”


John, Fenton





”Betty put me at ease right away...what a miracle worker!”


Diane, Mother of 3




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