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Now offering Coaching to clients

Need help staying motivated and on track with your organizing goals?
My clients appreciate my encouraging, insightful and upbeat style.

Here are ways that I can help:
• Brainstorm ways to achieve success with maintaining your organizing goals
• Target the specific areas you would like to tackle
• Follow-up on your goals to maintain a clutter-free home and office
• Give feedback on your organizing problem areas
• Provide support and act as a sounding board for your organizing ideas
• Create lists of your organizing goals and steps to realize those goals

Want to learn more?
Email me at betty@logicalplacement.com or call 810-348-1772 to set an appointment to discuss the particular project on which you are working.
I require a $50 payment for the coaching appointment prior to the call.
We can discuss the schedule that best fits your needs.
Some clients require one call only. Other clients with larger projects prefer to be coached on a monthly-time frame.

Logical Placement LLCSM will send you an email requesting funds through PayPal. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate
to call 810-348-1772.

Coaching to professional organizers

Have you ever been stumped or wanted to talk with another professional organizer to brainstorm about the most effective ways to approach an organizing project or difficult clients?

Now you can call and arrange a coaching appointment with Logical Placement LLCSM. Please send an email to betty@logicalplacement.com to arrange your coaching appointment.
The charge is $50/hour.
Give me a call. Take the steps to make an investment in your future as a professional organizer. Call 810-348-1772.

Betty and Logical Placement LLCSM services Southeast Michigan
so call 810-348-1772 to schedule your organizing session.